Underwater photography and video

Underwater photography and video  can almost demand their own dedicated website. The scope and complexity can be limitless. If it is something you are interested in you can spend a few hundred to thousands of dollars for the more advanced setups. I started off with an Olympus Tough TG 810, coupled with an underwater housing. It took ok videos and photos and some of my best memories were taken with this small compact. Unfortunately, it finally gave up after three years of service, I expected it should have lasted longer and perhaps that’s why I have now moved to a Gopro.

When deciding on a camera or video you should first consider what is involved. They are both involved hobbies that require extra care when diving and also some technical knowledge for production. I find that underwater photography is less involved that video. Once you take your shots, a little post editing and you are ready to share your moments with the world. On the other hand, if you film 30 minutes of underwater footage, you could be spending the next week editing.

I am an amateur when it comes to underwater photography and video as I have seen some truly amazing work done my fellow divers. So with some dedication it is possible to take some great shots.

When it comes to equipment, besides the obvious you will need a couple of additional pieces of gear. Although not definitive here is a list to get started:

  • Camera
  • Housing
  • Tray/Grip/Arm
  • Strobes/Video lights
  • Filters
  • Saftey strap

Gopro Hero 3 plus

Gopro Here 3 +

Archon W40VR

Archon W40VR
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