Diving accessories

There are hundred’s of diving accessories to choose from, and when It comes to most you will never need them. I have spent a lot of money on gadgets that just make you end up looking like a Christmas tree, looking silly.

Before you make any purchases ask yourself do I really need it? An example of this was a pony bottle bracket I purchased, I had the brilliant idea to strap it to my tank rather than slinging it, as most experienced divers recommend. It may have worked if it was a tiny bottle, but it just didn’t work with my three-litre tank.

There are a few items that I would recommend although these items I would consider safety gear and not considered an accessory. These include an SMB, torch and dive light. That being said there are some things that may you diving more enjoyable such as double enders, zip ties and line markers.

Another accessory you may consider are dive watches. I have a Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster. It has come in handy many times when I have been travelling and decided to go for a dive and didn’t have my computer with me. Some models including the one I own, provide information such as depth, run time and water temperature. With this information and tables you can calculate your no decompression limit.

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