Scuba diving safety

Scuba diving is relatively safe, although a stupid decision, ego or laziness may kill you. Lets now consider some of the most important aspects of scuba diving safety that will prevent Scuba diving injuries. Please note that the topics discussed are by no means an exhaustive list and that proper training and additional research will go a long way in ensuring your safety whilst scuba diving.

One of the most important rules when diving is to never hold your breath, which will prevent an Arterial Gas Embolism. The next consideration is to protect your ears and sinus, preventing barotrauma. You will now want to make sure you never run out of air, this is done by gas management and by better understating how much your breath underwater. In addition to the above you will also benefit from staying within the no decompression limits (NDL) of your training, avoiding decompression illness. As this site it dedicated to recreational scuba will will assume that you should never break your NDL. Finally, you will want to follow your training, hone and advance your skills and be a good buddy.

I recommend that your research includes a Divers Alert Network and Diver Down: Real-World SCUBA Accidents and How to Avoid Them.

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