Open water diver

The open water diver course will be your first step into becoming a scuba diver that will allow you to independently dive to 18 meters with a buddy. So that you have a better understanding of what this entails, let’s look into what you will learn on the PADI course with the expectation that you will earn your scuba diving ticket.

The open water course is usually conducted in small groups with up to eight students although this can be increased depending on the amount of instructors available.

To meet the course requirements, you will need to satisfactorily demonstrate to your instructor that you are competent across the following areas.

  1. Academic knowledge
  2. Water skills Assessment
  3. Confined water dives (usually in a pool)
  4. Open water dives

Academic knowledge

As a part of attaining your open water diver certification you will need to successfully complete some basic theory that considers topics such as, buoyancy, navigation, the effects of pressure on the body, safety rules and dive skills. Your course materials and instructor will assist you with these requirements.

Water skills Assessment

You will demonstrate that you are competent in the water, this is usually demonstrated by floating and swimming on the surface. Some people have asked do I need to know how to swim if I want to dive? and the answer is a resounding yes. In times of emergency, you may have to take off your scuba gear to self-rescue and if you cannot do this it is advised that you keep to more terrestrial activities.

Confined water dives

In this part of your open water course, you will apply the theory  that you  learned in the classroom. And at its conclusion be confident with the necessary skills that you will use in the open water. Confined water provides you with an opportunity to become used to your gear in a calm and controlled space.

Open water dives

After your confined water sessions, you will venture out into open water and complete the remainder of your course. You will not have to learn any additional skills, rather just perfect the ones you have already been taught. This is the exciting part of your course, a time you will never forget.

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