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World Wide Fund for Nature says nearly half the world’s marine animals wiped out in single generation

Humanity’s mismanagement of the ocean has led to the loss of almost half the world’s marine mammals, birds, reptiles and fish in a single generation, a World Wide Fund for Nature report says.

The emergency edition of WWF’s Living Blue Planet Report revealed a 49 per cent decline in marine vertebrate populations between 1970 and 2012. For some fish this figure was almost 75 per cent.

Mysteries Of Planktonic Ecosystem Revealed

Climate change is likely to have a massive impact on marine micro-organisms that produce half the planet’s oxygen, new research suggests. Analysis of 35,000 seawater samples from around the world suggests rising ocean temperatures are likely to have significant effects on plankton. The microscopic organisms are the bottom of the marine food chain. But they also remove as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as rainforests.


The hunt for the weedy seadragon

The Weedy Seadragon is an amazing little critter that is related to the seahorse. They have small leaf like appendages that provides excellent camouflage and extremely difficult to find. Learn more about this amazing animal via Wikipedia.


Diving Koh Tao

Ko Tao (also often Koh Tao, Thai: เกาะเต่า, Thai pronunciation: [kɔ̀ʔ tàw], lit. “Turtle Island”) is an island in Thailand and forms part of the Chumphon Archipelago on the western shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It covers an area of about 21 km². Administratively it forms a district (amphoe) (as of 2013) of Surat Thani Province. As of 2006 its official population was 1,382. The main settlement is Ban Mae Hat.

The economy of the island is almost exclusively centred on tourism, especially scuba diving.

Ko Tao was named by its first settlers after the island’s turtle-like shape.[citation needed] Coincidentally, the island is an important breeding ground for hawksbill and green turtles. Development of tourism has negatively impacted the health of these grounds but a breeding programme organised in 2004 by the Royal Thai Navy and KT-DOC, a coalition of local scuba diving centres, has reintroduced hundreds of juvenile turtles to the island’s ecosystem.

Muli Kandu-Maldives

Explore the ocean with Google Maps

Never has there been a more exciting time in technological history, with so many new and innovative ways with which to interact and explore the world. One of these being Google Maps, Views. Its amazing that we can explore all these sites from the comfort of our homes.

Port Phillip Bay

Dredging madness, will destroy Port Phillip Bay

I am very lucky to live in a place such as Victoria Australia, and one of the best parts of our State is the beautiful bay and the Mornington Peninsula. One of the things that really bothers me are peoples, especially our politicians insatiable greedy apatites.

New drysuit mishap

Moving from a wet suit into a dry suit was one of the best diving decisions I have made to date. I dive mostly In Victoria Australia and the water temperatures can often drop down to 10 degrees in winter. My first experience with my suit was comical and this post is a clear example of what not to do! I must stress don’t follow my example and if you make the switch yourself please contact a dive professional for a proper dry suit orientation.

Smooth Stingray

3 Minutes on Party Point

3 Minutes at Party Point was filmed on the Lonsdale side of Port Phillip Heads, the Lonsdale Wall extends for 1km, therefore providing many different dives. An almost vertical drop characterizes this site as the wall extends out to form a large point. As you descend there is a slight step-out every 6-9m and behind each step-out there is a huge overhang, which is easy to swim through. These overhangs support an enormous variety of fish including the spectacular Blue Devils, soft corals, sponges and other invertebrate life.