Ocean conservation

When you start diving you begin to become acutely aware of the underwater environment, ocean conservation and the impact that humans are having on their fragile ecosystem. You will start to notice litter and rubbish, the degradation of coral and how so many people are indifferent to the animals that are helpless. Humans do not have the right to take and pillage at the expense of other beings without some sort of moral consequence. If you have a moral compass you will realise this, and at the very least make an effort to minimise the harm that we are inflicting on the environment and animals. Without delicate ecosystems such as coral reefs, many of the fish species throughout the world will not propagate, which will inevitably lead to  depleted fish stocks. Most of the world rely upon fish as a source of food and without would lead to mass starvation and negative consequences for the human race.

It is important to do whatever you can, from reducing plastics consumption to joining or supporting conservation groups such as Sea Shepherd or Project Aware. Plastics are a major concern and their impact they are having is devastating. Most of the plastics we use never break down as they are not bio-degradable and they are made from petroleum. The plastics eventually become tiny pieces that end up swirling around the oceans. There are reports that there are massive patches of microplastics that are concentrated in the centre of our oceans. These plastics cause havoc throughout the food chain. Small animals eat them, then larger ones and eventually you find your self-eating fish contaminated with plastic. And we wonder why we get diseases!

When considering plastics, its not just the obvious sources that we should be concerned about. Even face washes with those tiny beads (exfoliant) have a dramatic effect. Some states in the United States are setting the standard by banning their use, such as the State of Illinois.

The first step in becoming a moral person that cares for the environment and wants to make a difference is to become aware. Every time you are faced with a choice you will consider the consequences and hopefully choose the better path. This will also have flow on effects with your friends and family. The next step is to petition our governments and vote for parties that take an active stance in protecting the environment. The reality is that the law set the moral standards that we adhere by, and if they are not considerate of the environment, then neither will we.

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