Dredging madness, will destroy Port Phillip Bay

Port Phillip Bay

I am very lucky to live in a place such as Victoria Australia, and one of the best parts of our State is the beautiful Bay and the Mornington Peninsula. One of the things that bothers me are peoples, especially our politicians insatiable, greedy apatite’s. Melbourne resides in Port Phillip Bay, it is a very shallow and during the last Ice Age was a plain with a river flowing through it. After the Ice Age and when sea levels rose, the bay flooded. The bay has a small opening and has seen the demise of many ships. For commercial reasons Melbourne’s port is located next to the city and this wasn’t a major issue until recently when larger ships are now being used to transport goods around the world.

Because of the small opening of the bay, which is called the heads, it prevented large tides and swell. In 2009, the government of Victoria decided to deepen and widen the opening to allow larger ships. Environmental studies were conducted, and it was said that there would be no negative consequences. They were wrong. After they had completed the dredging, it allowed larger than normal swell to enter and our beautiful beaches, in particular, Portsea has been washed away. As the title describes, dredging madness, will destroy Port Phillip Bay

As a diver, I spend much time in and around the water, and I can confirm that this has occurred. Now its 2015 and the government wants to do it again, although this time even deeper and wider. I have serious concerns with what this will entail. The government has other options, Victoria has another Bay close that is accessible by the sea, there is no need to destroy Port Phillip, except to line the pockets of a few. It is madness, a lack of foresight and selfish to think that this will not come back and bite us. Our ecosystem is what sustains us, and it takes years to recover from human involvement. The problem here is that I fear that this type of action cannot be recovered from.

I hope that our leaders see the folly of their actions and common sense prevails. Read more about the issue here

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